The Mercedes-Benz 250 C was a "Stroke Eight" coupe, a part of the greater Mercedes-Benz Series 114 line. The base model ran from 1968 to 1972 and had a 130-horsepower inline-six engine. One could pair it with either a four- or five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission. Noteworthy features included a flatter front screen, a roof that was 45 millimeters lower than its sedan siblings, frameless and fully retractable front and rear side windows, and a longer rear bumper.

A variant with a 2.8-liter engine was offered in two runs, from 1969 to 1973 and from 1973 to 1976. Both runs had the same engine and transmission specs, save for the different capacity. However, the second run incorporated several revisions. They included mobile external mirrors adjustable from inside the car, decorative A-pillar panels and profiled taillights, both of which repelled dirt, a roof rail on the rear window, and a lower and broader radiator grill.

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Trans Bushing
Part Number: 110-277-05-50
Description: Also Fits the Following:  1972 450SLC 4.5L 1980 380SLC 3.8L 1977 450SE 4.5L 1978 450SE 4.5L 1979 450SE 4.5L 1980 450SE 4.5L More Info