The Mercedes-Benz 220 was part of the Mercedes-Benz Type 220 line and a model in the greater Mercedes-Benz Series 187 (W 187) family. It debuted in 1951 and was offered until 1955. During its career, it came in five body styles:

  • A sedan, available until 1954;
  • Two cabriolets (Convertible A and Convertible B), the latter offered until 1953 and the former offered until 1955;
  • A coupe, debuting in 1953 and available until 1955; and
  • An open tourer, made for the 1952 and 1953 model years
  • The car was based primarily on the Mercedes-Benz 170 s, and it replaced the latter when it went out of production.

    Many initial features were of note. For one, the chassis and car body drew heavily on the 170 s model. Secondly, the front mud guards were modified to accommodate integrating headlights. Third, the front wheels incorporated duplex brakes, primarily because of engine power: the car had an 80-horsepower, in-line, six-cylinder paired with a four-speed manual transmission.

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    Tie Rod
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