Mercedes-Benz 190 b was a model in the Mercedes-Benz Series 121 (W 121 B III) line dubbed "Ponton Mercedes." Whereas the family debuted in 1959 and was offered until 1962, the 190 b model itself, you could only get until 1961, when it was succeeded by the Mercedes-Benz 190 c. That went for the variants, too -- chassis-only models with two- or four-door partial bodies.

Improvements over previous generations were many. For one, the cars now had flatter hoods, and their radiator grilles were set wider and lower. Secondly, their bumpers were enlarged, and the front ones no longer had guards. Third, the taillights were updated with built-in reflectors akin to those on coupes and convertibles. Other examples included safety enhancements, a padded dashboard with controls some of which recessed others of which retracted, and a padded steering wheel. Some distinctive features, however, were chrome strips set below the windows, plus chrome-plated rain runnels.

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Engine Mount
Part Number: 120-223-04-12
Description: Also Fits the Following:  1963 190c 1.9L 1964 190c 1.9L 1965 190c 1.9L 1960 190b 1.9L 1961 190b 1.9L 1960 190Db 1.9L 1961 190Db 1.9L More Info