Looking to buy parts for Mercedes-Benz 230 SL? The sports car is in the greater Mercedes-Benz Series 113 (W 113) line, and the brand you love still supports it. Nicknamed "Pagoda SL," the model debuted in 1963 and was offered until the Mercedes-Benz 250 SL succeeded it in 1967.

The car incorporated an in-line, six-cylinder engine mated to either a four-speed manual, a four-speed automatic, or a five-speed ZF manual transmission. It could produce 150 horsepower. Distinctive features included a safety body with stiff front and rear passenger cell and deformation zones, plus a uniquely concave removable hood.

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Why Buy Genuine OEM Mercedes-Benz Classic Parts for Your 230 SL Model?

  • They'll be Mercedes-Benz quality.
  • They'll be guaranteed compatible with the car.
  • They'll carry Mercedes-Benz warranties.
  • Put simply, they'll be of the excellent craftsmanship you've come to expect from the luxury brand you love, and you won't have to worry about whether they'll fit your ride or not. Finally, should you run into any defects in materials or workmanship (unlikely), the part in question will be covered -- peace of mind you may not get on the aftermarket.

    Order Genuine OEM Classic Mercedes-Benz 230 SL Parts Online

    You can get what you need right here; we carry air filters and brake pads, tie rods and more. We also stock the basics, too -- bushings, washers, seal rings, and other installation hardware. Buy now, and we'll ship promptly, to any US address. Contact our parts team if you have any questions.

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    Part Number: 100-542-01-38
    Shift Bushing
    Part Number: 111-267-00-86
    Replaces: 198-268-00-86
    Description: Exception: Only Fits the Following:  1963-1965 - 190c with floor shift manual transmission 1963-1965 - 190Dc with floor shift... More Info
    Tie Rod
    Part Number: 107-330-01-03
    Other Names: Tie Rod More Names
    Description: Also Fits the Following:  1963 190c 1.9L 1964 190c 1.9L 1965 190c 1.9L 1963 190Dc 2.0L 1964 190Dc 2.0L 1965 190Dc 2.0L 1970 230... More Info
    Seal Ring
    Part Number: 100-997-00-40
    Replaces: 000-477-11-60