Mercedes-Benz Classic

About Us

Quality craftsmanship you can trust

The Mercedes-Benz Classic Center is the only vintage Mercedes-Benz parts sales and vehicle restoration center in the U.S. exclusively operated by Mercedes-Benz USA. When searching for replacement parts for your classic Mercedes-Benz, you’ve come to expect the best in terms of fit and performance. Mercedes-Benz sets the benchmark in its manufacturer support of its classic vehicles, with over 50,000 Genuine Mercedes-Benz Classic Parts in its assortment. Our Classic Parts team is dedicated to supplying the parts you need to experience the joy of driving your classic Mercedes-Benz.

Providing the care that our customers deserve

At Mercedes-Benz Classic, we preserve and restore some of the most iconic vehicles in the world. We share our customers’ never-ending passion and apply our craftsmanship to ensure that the promise of “the best or nothing” extends to a life-time of automotive enjoyment.

Spreading our passion for automotive history

Since the day it was invented, the automobile has played a crucial role in the development of the world. It inspires us to move, to challenge ourselves, to be free. Through our care of classic cars and our fostering of a like-minded community, we aim to celebrate the vehicles we love. They’re timeless. They’re unique. They’re part of who we are.