Mercedes-Benz 230 was a line of sedans that was part of Mercedes-Benz Series 123, which ran from 1975 to 1985. It replaced Mercedes-Benz Series 114 and 115, which were referred to as the "Stroke Eight" models.

Two models comprised the line. One was the base Mercedes-Benz 230, which was offered between 1976 and 1980. It incorporated a 109-horsepower, in-line, four-cylinder engine, mated to one's choice of either a four-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission. The car had a standard 2795-millimeter wheelbase.

The other model was a chassis-only Mercedes-Benz 230, designed for building special-purpose car bodies, such as those for ambulances, station wagons, and hearses. It was available from 1976 to 1980 as well.

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Center Hub Cap
Part Number: 107-400-00-25
Other Names: Cover, Cap More Names
Description: Also Fits the Following:  1976 230 2.3L 1976 230 2.3L More Info
Rubber Bearing
Part Number: 115-325-22-44
Options: Upper
Other Names: Spacer, Spring Pad, Upper Pad, Spring Rubber Mount, Rubber Bearing More Names
Description: Also Fits the Following:  1972 450SL 4.5L 1972 450SLC 4.5L 1980 380SLC 3.8L 1970 230 2.3L 1971 230 2.3L 1972 230 2.3L 1973 230... More Info
Notes: Order by description. More Notes
Washer Nozzle
Part Number: 107-860-01-47
Description: Exception: Only Fits the Following:  1966-1967 - 230 from chassis number 012313 Also Fits the Following:  1970 230 2.3L... More Info
Pedal Pad
Part Number: 107-427-00-82
Description: Also Fits the Following:  1976 230 2.3L More Info
Sliding Jaw
Part Number: 108-780-01-83