Mercedes-Benz 230 represented several models in the Mercedes-Benz Series 114 lineup. More specifically, it comprehended several "Stroke Eight" sedans that were offered between 1968 and 1976. They were available in two runs.

There were four models you could get between 1968 and 1973. One, the Mercedes-Benz 230/8, incorporated a 120-horsepower, in-line, six-cylinder engine, and you had a choice between a four- or five-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission. The second, a longer-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz 230/8, offered the same engine and transmission options, except no five-speed manual was an option. The wheelbase measured 3400 millimeters.

The third, a chassis-only Mercedes-Benz 230/8 model, was optioned for building special-purpose car bodies. It had the same engine and transmission options as the standard-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz 230/8. The fourth was a long-wheelbase chassis-only Mercedes-Benz 230/8 model, also with the same engine and transmission choices as the Mercedes-Benz 230/8 long-wheelbase. It also had the same wheelbase length: 3400mm.

There were four other models you could get between 1973 and 1976. The first was the Mercedes-Benz 230.6, sporting a 120-horsepower, in-line, six-cylinder engine and a selection of four- or five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmissions. The second was a Mercedes-Benz 230.6 with a long 3400-millimeter wheelbase, one with the same engine and a choice between four-speed manual and four-speed auto transmissions. The third was a Mercedes-Benz 230.6 chassis-only for building special-purpose car bodies, with the same choice of engine and transmissions, but with a five-speed manual added to the transmission offering. The last was a chassis-only Mercedes-Benz 230.6 with a long wheelbase of 3400 mm. It made the same engine and transmission options available as those of the Mercedes-Benz 230.6 long-wheelbase.

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